A Hole in My Drawls

        Here boy, put these on!!! What you mean put these on, they got holes in’em and they look like Ron’s old ass drawls momma. The last time you gave me a pair of his underwear, my left ball fell out during recess. I swear, say something ig’nit about these Hand-Me-Downs one more time, or imma chop you square tweenst yo throat boy. (Whispering under my breath), How in the hell I’m supposed to get a girl with these old ass Thundercat underwear on. Hell, Lion-O is supposed to have an afro but this muthaphucka got a perm now.

Hand-Me-Downs or as we eloquently entitled them Hammy Downs were prevalent within the Hall household. It started way before we were born. Hell, I think I had a baby outfit my grandfather wore back in 1918. I always wondered why I looked like an indentured servant in my toddler pictures, sitting on my momma’s lap, looking like Crispus Attucks. You see, our mother would take items from her sibling’s that didn’t make any sense to us. She would take a potato bag and sew it up into four pair of drawls for each of my siblings to wear. Have you ever tried to out run a dog wearing mesh potato material?

Looking back on all the items that were handed-down to us, I can honestly say that those articles of clothing were re-stitched with love from a wonderful mother who understood the importance of survival mode. She always knew how to keep our ass warm at all costs or lack thereof… So when you think about handing down a piece of garment to a loved one, leave drawls off the list…