Shoe Shopping with my Mom…


Have you ever been thumped upside yo forehead by your momma with her middle fangah because you didn’t like the style of shoes she purchased for you with her hard-earned money? Reach yo head up hereTHUMP now say something else bout deez dayum shoes again!

But momma, imma get my azz whooped tomorrow if I wear these shoes to school… You go to school to learn and not for a fashion show boy… Well that may have worked for you when you were going to school momma but it’s the 80’s and people don’t buy shoes at Pic n Pay anymore, erie body goes to Edwards Shoe Store on Roane Street.

You see Edwards Shoe store had all the latest brand name shoes and cleats. They had a pair of Tony Dorsett cleats I wanted so bad!!! I begged my momma to buy me a pair to play football in but she hit me with.. To play football in? Boy you won’t even tackle your dayum shadow and got da nerve to ask me for some shoes that cost $40, negro please!

I was used to the tough criticism so I brushed it off and found myself day dreaming about the cleats that I wanted so bad… Mmm, I can see myself running for a touchdown with deez all white Tony Dorsett’s with the Dallas Cowboy Star on the side! All da light-skinned girls will be calling my name and erie thang.

My daydream would be awaken with a Deacon Jones smack upside the forehead by my momma, talking bout.. Take yo goofy azz outside and play boy… There were levels to our shoe game as a kid… We started out with Pro Champs then onto Cougar shoes from Pic n Pay to Reebok’s onto Nike shoes but when my brother Tim would come into town, he would have the latest style of shoes and I would be green with envy.

However, one particular summer before 6th grade, he came down and had a cold ass pair of black crush velvet hi top Jordache shoes. I was floored when I saw them; I mean Tim could rock anything and he would look good doing it… He said, don’t worry lil brother, I bought you a pair too. Wow, you bought me a pair!?!!? I slapped dem crushed velvet’s on and turned’em sideways and said imma kill deez suckas da first day of school with deez boyz!

I couldn’t wait for the first day… I walked in the gym to sign in as a 6th grader, legs shiny from all dat baby oil I slapped on and dem crush velvet’s were brushed to perfection and when I sat down, dey killed my ass!!! I mean, burnt me to a crisp yawl.. Negro is dem girl shoes you got on? Naw maine, deez boys shoes, my my my brudda gave dem to me… Naw cuz, dem is girl shoes and they velvet too, HELL NAW! Aye don’t touch my shoes, LEAVE ME ALONE! The entire gym was rolling at my ass, I mean that was the longest day in my life at school..

You know when you have a hole in yo sock and you put that other foot on top to cover that hole so no one else can see it; well dammit that’s how I sat the entire day at school. Shoes had me sitting cross cross applesauce all day long! I couldn’t wait for that dayum bell to ring!

Do you remember Forrest Gump when he dropped his son off at the bus stop for his first day of school? Well he didn’t want his son to endure the tough criticism he received as a child but the little feller told him he would be just fine and introduced himself to the mean bus driver. Hi, I am Forrest, Forrest Gump… I think we all have had that moment in lives where we wanted to steer our children away from making bad decisions we made when we were in their shoes right.

Well, I have a son now, I took him to the Nike Outlet and said pick out any shoe you want son, and he said eh, mmm, hmm I don’t like any of these shoes daddy… I said, boy look at these Jordan’s, don’t you like them? They’re okay, I guess – and we eventually agreed to purchase them for his first day of school.

When we arrived home from shopping, there was a big box on the doorstep and it read: To Da’Ron From Granny Shelia and he eagerly opened the box to find all types of school supplies that were on his list, Thank God, right parents? Well at the bottom of the box were a pair of Walmart – Bruce Lee slip on shoes and he said Whoa, look what Granny Shelia bought me, I love these shoes and said I’m wearing these the very first day of school! So I let him wear these shoes and when I walked him to class, 85% of the kids in that school had the same style of shoes.

Thirty plus years later, my mother still enjoys shopping for shoes; not for me but for my son and I am thankful for that kind gesture. Its something I hope and pray my son will tell his children about the Bruce Lee slip-ons he received one day.