My Best Friend…


              The term Best Friend in Webster’s Dictionary states that this person is the first person you go to when you need to talk about something and that they are very special people in your life. I would have to agree because we would call one another to discuss the most random things that either happened to us or to someone else. Mostly funny calls, “Aye, what you posed to do if one’nem check cashing places call you and tell you dat you can renew your loan for $37.48? Shyt, I’m on my muhphuckin way is what I’d say… What you said, ain’t got but $2 in my account as it is and I already owe them fools too… Show me da muhphuckin money!!! Ahite, and why you bullshytting, by doing dat, dey’ll push your loan back for 30 moe days, BAM!!! How odd and strange our conversations were, I miss them immensely.

You see, it’s been close to 2 years since I lost my best friend and a day does not go by that I do not think about him. I try to refrain from posting my thoughts daily on social media because Lawd knows we have been on the other side of a post and say to ourselves.. “Now dammit, if they post one moe picture of Lil Knuck Knuck; I’m deleting the whole dayum family…” One of the last conversations we had together was that if one passed away, we would keep our memories to a minimum on social media. We’ll here is my minimum for my best friend and brother named Xavier Timothy Dynale.

Ok, I don’t know why our momma decided to give all of us 2 middle names but she did so yawl can kiss Orlando Tony Tirrell, Ron Delvron Lamar, Xavier Timothy Dynale and Donavon L. James’ asses lol. Hell, I still don’t know what the L. stands for in my dayum name. In fact, when Tim was born, she wanted to name him Casper! WTF!!! She said that the Doctor was the one who flat out told her “No the hell you ain’t finna name this chocolate headed baby Casper, you gone get his azz whooped daily ma’am.” So she gracefully named him Xavier Timothy Dynale..

                It was around June 1974 when I dropped my bottle and stood up in that hammy down playpen we had and said to my momma, “Where da hell is he going woman!!!“  My Uncle James and Aunt Nellie would always visit during the summer months and holiday seasons but one particular summer in ’74, they laid eyes on Tim and asked if they could take him home with them, umm, for a couple of weeks. Well our mother had no quarrels about this request and agreed that they could. Later in life, I had asked Aunt Nellie who else was in that playpen and she said, “Well it was just you and Tim, it was sort of, as if yawl had a bond since day one but your Uncle James just loved him some Tim and bless your heart, you were an ugly child. Oooh I mean black and ugly, baby… So black, we thought you were a lump of coal with nappy azz hair… I mean you raised your hands to be picked up as well, and God rest James’ soul, because he didn’t mean to blurt out what he was thinking, but he said Get yo muthaphuckin hands off me ole black azz heathen, oops… Ok, ok, ok, I get it; forget I asked that question.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, Tim’s summer visit turned into a lifetime with Uncle James and Aunt Nellie and we all wouldn’t have had it any other way.  He became the son they never had, minus the son Uncle James had from his sidepiece back in da day, which no one ever knew of… You see, sidepieces are not new to this culture, the old folks just called them what they really are which started out as Floozies, the onto Skanks, then to Skeezer’s, then Chicken Heads and now the politically correct name, Sidepieces…

               They lived on Tennessee Street in an upbeat city called Kingsport. It was very different from the country living we were used to in Harriman. Hell, anything was different from the Projects in Harriman. However, our only source of travel, out of the county was by the Greyhound Bus to visit Tim. I never knew what a transmission was as a kid but always heard our mother cuss her car out because of it… “Stupid azz transmission always slipping, I can’t wait for income tax to come out so I can get a new car. Bought this dayum Cadillac from Reece azz (R.I.P.), he know he wrong for selling me this piece of shyt…”

The only moment I recall while riding on the Bus was when I locked myself in the restroom and the bus driving had to pull to the side of the road to unlock the door. The look on my momma’s face was priceless. Now mind you, I’m sweating and in tears because I done locked myself in that tiny azz bathroom for 20 minutes and I felt as if that was a dramatic moment for me. Momma clinched her teeth together and pointed to the front of the bus, “Go sit yo ig’nit azz down right now!!! So help me Gawd; the next time you gotta piss on da Bus, piss on ya dayum self…” You know that look when ya momma looks up and claps her hands while laughing/talking. Saying things like, “If we were not around all deez white folks, I would beat da shyt out dis boy right now, oooh stay with me Jesus, mmm…

Despite the travel issues, when we arrived, Tim would greet us with the biggest smile and each year he would show me something brand new about the city he resided in.


Throughout our adult lives, we have called each other at least 5 times a day, just to shoot the breeze i.e. chat. The most important call I received was when he told me that he was going into surgery to remove a Brain Tumor on December 30, 2011. He waited to tell me the night before surgery because he did not want me to freak out. He said I’ll be ahite buddy, it’s a in and out surgery that has to be done and I’ll be back at work in about 2 to 3 weeks. I personally believe that God stepped into my brother’s recovery room one night. You see, he could not walk and barley could talk and needed assistance to use the restroom. Well one evening, he said I gotta use the restroom and I stood up to help and he said no, I got it!!! He gently walked over to the restroom, shuts the door and he begins to cry out to the Lord saying, “Jesus, you didn’t have to do the things you have done for me, so I just want to thank you Jesus, I want to thank you for everything you have done for me.” Then he begins to sing to the top of his lungs… “There’s a leak in this old building and my soul has got to move…” He passed on March 19, 2012 and as stated earlier, I miss him immensely. I am thankful for many things in life and one thing is for sure, I am thankful for having a brother that I call my best friend.

                                              May you Rest In Peace Xavier Timothy Dynale Hall…


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