A Day at Triangle Park…

                  Someone asked me how many fights did I get into growing up and I can honestly say, maybe a handful… It sounds fictitious when I think about the Greats talking about “If you tell jokes a lot, people will not start any drama with you.” Well that’s a dayum lie; have you ever grew up with a family of 4 boys and you tell a joke so demeaning that one take offense to it… We all have witnessed tons of fights throughout our lives, some we brag about and some we rather not discuss… I would like to think that the majority of us have done most of our fighting as kids and are thru with that lifestyle. Because if you think about it, Ain’t Nobody Got Time 4 Dat! Then again, do we wish that we could go back to our fighting ways? Kids nowadays do not waste their time with fighting. Always quick to pick up a gun; #Friday.

                Due to contrary belief from our parents, Triangle Park was the Mecca of survival of the fittest. At any given second, minute, or hour of the day, something was bound to pop off! You had your share of McCaleb’s; who pretty much didn’t give a dayum and was willing to walk up and snatch your lunch and dare you to say something; to the Hughes’ boys who each were born with an extra bone in their foot to kick your azz if you even thought about approaching their crew. Then you had the Douglas family, well-dressed light skin crew from Bazeltown but one person you didn’t mess with in their group was Niki. Ooooh, when she fought, she didn’t fight like the other girls, she had dat caramel complexion skin and did not lower her head and swang her hands in a windmill fighting style as most girls did.. Oh hell naw!!! She had the stance of a professional fighter at age 7, with the mutli-colored hair barrettes in her head. Not to leave the Hall’s out; yea we pretty much had the most kids from one family but we were a relaxed family b/c there was one kid from our group who ran the show. His name was Ron; a man-child as some would say as he walked past you. Not to forget the locals who lived very close and could go home at any given time but when Vic, Kojack and Brent walked up the hill; the park was at full tilt. Anyone was fair game at this point…

               Shoving matches normally start the day off when we hear a bunch of he say she say drama. However, when the delivery driver pulls up with the white sack lunches, now that’s when the park goes on high alert. Swear Ta Gawd, push me one moe time Baldie and I’m telling my brotha! Tell yo brotha, ain’t nobody scared of him; UUUGGLEEE!!! Hey yawl; cut dat shyt out in my line, keep on talkin’ and ain’t nobody getting a lunch today. If I don’t get a lunch, ain’t nobody getting a lunch!!! Now the shoving starts to get a little more physical and during those days; girls fought boys that was the nature of the beast we had to deal with; because anyone can get got.  Twins Melissa and Malossa thought Ms. Jessie Mae raised some punks one day and got a rude awakening by the red monkey bars by dem Hughes’ Boyz… While Janelle thought it was cool to snatch a biscuit from someone else’s bag one day and got mopped up against the brown building; to Aaron and Ron fighting over by the swing set. Protecting yourself while at the park was just something your mother told you to do and if you had a little sister, I’m sure your mother told you “Let somebody put their hands on your sister and you not do anything about it.” It was just the way we were raised, and at the end of the day when we all got our snacks, we would sit back for a second or two and talk about who had the best fight of the day; while slapping hands with one another…


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