The Best of Times…

              Growing up in the country was the best of times… We did not have much but we made the best of what we had. Our first home, that I can remember was in Emory Gap; it was a 2-bedroom house with 4 siblings, our mother and oh yea MISTER… So, if one farted; we all could smell it. Speaking of a warm cloud; I think our family was the last family on Earth to have an outhouse; yes an outhouse… So when my mother was promoted to cashier at the local Big K; we moved up like the Jefferson’s; straight to the Projects!!! The Projects was an upgrade from that small house on the hill with an outhouse. This was the first time I witnessed a toilet that would flush. I looked at my mother and said; “No more going to the woods in the middle of the night to use the restroom? That’s right baby; no more shyt crockeries filled with water in case you gotta go in the middle of the night.” 

               In spite of moving the Projects, we still enjoyed weekend trips to our Grandmother’s house in Emory Gap. It wasn’t that we asked to go, we were told that we “Was Getting Dropped Off.” Upon arrival, our cousins who were dropped off as well greeted us with that slow talking voice “Mah Cecil made biscuits, white rice and sausages again” look. Bet not say you’ve already eaten; when she prepared 1 million pieces of rice, 100 homemade biscuits and 42 sausages; which equals out to one sausage per child. After you’ve eaten, you just did not sit there and not do anything while at Momma Cecil’s house; she put us to work. “Get dat Post Hole Digger boy and dig me a hole so I can plant this flower…” When Momma Cecil asks you to do something, you best do it right because if you didn’t she would say things that would make your bottom lip twerk in a bad way. I mean this woman may have started the craze on cracking jokes the way she would snap on people with her words… She would call you out in front of all the grandkids, which would give them ammunition later in the evening when we would sit up under the big oak tree laughing about the events that took place earlier… Dang Donnie, Momma Cecil called you a Black Goat today cuz; so Gus, she called you a Red Eyed Mule, what you laughing at Ron, she called you an Ashy Rat. It was the best of times, when we were dropped off to visit our Momma Cecil in Da Gap.


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