How the story began…

back in da day Donavon J            This is how the story began; I was the 4th child born to a wonderful mother named Sheila. First, it was Orlando, Ron, Tim and I. You see, back in the day, I don’t know what the deal was but moms was popping us out on a yearly basis. The reason why I say that is b/c we all were a year apart from each other. Our ages to date are 42, 41, 40 and 39. Right, putting in work as some would say… Don’t judge my momma, I’m sure your momma was twerking on da low too… Anyway, she would tell us the story on when we were born on our birthdays and my story was; uhm let’s say a little different…

             My mom said, “Well son, here is your story… Your brother Tim was born on January 20, 1973 and you were born on November 25, 1973. She paused and said Stay with me Jesus… Your daddy Wayne found out that I was pregnant again and tried his best to get rid of you son… Yes baby; he found out that the carnival was in town and he put my azz on that double Ferris Wheel 7 times and I told him enough is enough Wayne, shyt!!! Well a week had passed and I was still pregnant with you and I said if it is in your will Lord, please protect me and my baby from this crazy azz negro… She paused yet again then continued shaking her head from side to side; umm, umm, umm, the last straw with your daddy was when he tried to boil hot liquor on the stove and make me drank it. That’s when I said, Let me tell yo black azz one thing right here, if you don’t want to claim this child I’m carrying then get on Wayne!!! Now, I am sitting there as a 7 year old saying to myself; WHAT THE PHUCK!?!?!! But she seen it in my facial expression and said to me; this is why you are special baby, while patting me on my head. Now people are gonna think you look drunk all the time b/c you got eyes like Lou Rawls and walk like Fred Gable (Neighborhood pimp). To this day, I will never forget that story; it taught me several things but one in particular is that people will come into your life but your mother will always stand in your corner no matter what obstacle is in her way.


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