For my dark skinned folks…

This is a public service announcement to all my dark skinned family members and friends!!! As fall steadily approaches, we need to become proactive in prepping ourselves for the workforce, church and leisure activities… Don’t you hate when you reach in your pocket and draw out change for the cashier and your knuckles look like you reached in a bag for powdered doughnuts instead? Well there is a cure for us all! Wal Mart and or the Dollar store has a special lotion designed for ashy kneecaps, knuckles and elbows and it’s called Queen Helene Coco Butter Cream… Its designed to soften that dry azz skin around yo neck on a cool fall and winter evening… Fellas, sistas do not want to see ashy azz kneecaps when you pull down yo britches. You standing there bowlegged and dem knees just as crusty as they wanna be, talking bout “Do a lil sum’em strange for a piece of change.. She like “A hell naw, bedda get cha momma to do dat ish.” If you a baller, stop by Wal Mart; you can get the jar for $5.36 but if you a baller on a budget; take yo broke azz to da Dolla Stoe and grab da small tube for $1.75… Trust me; it works… It will smooth that dry azz help yo grandmomma outside skin into that imma sit my azz in this house and watch Young & The Restless skin… I put some on this morning and I feel so light skinned right about now with my black azz…


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